Success Stories

We use ATTS Logistics for heavy shipments, usually full loads of aluminum. Throughout our 15-year relationship, deliveries are on time and there have been no claims, no damage and nothing missing. They are really good at service and pay special attention to details…no babysitting needed.

They find solutions. We had a last minute hot rush that was at least 18 hours of traveling time and drivers’ services regulations require 2 drivers for that amount of time. ATTS hired a team of drivers to get the job done and the load was delivered on time.

Their prices are reasonable, which can be hard to find these days. Quite simply, they are great people who deliver as promised.
Corrine W.
Director of Purchasing

ATTS Logistics handles shipping for most of our business. They have provided exceptional service for over 10 years and we trust them with daily shipments of our vending machines and products. The vending machines, in particular, require special handling, since they are glass, 230-700 lbs. and imported from Spain. ATTS is highly selective about who they use to pick up, ship and deliver for us. Their communication also keeps us fully in the loop, from pick-up at the terminal to delivery.

We can even count on them during natural disasters, like Hurricane Sandy. We were uncertain about shipping, but they came to us with a plan of getting equipment to a certain point and then to the final destination when conditions improved. They did a great job of delivering to our east coast clients.

Greg Hatz and his team check in with us on a regular basis, but it’s way beyond what other vendors do. They genuinely care about how we are doing and are highly personable. We enjoy working with them and they play a big role in helping us service our customers.
Jennie R.
Technical Support and Shipping

ATTS Logistics goes out of their way to take care of things…at a reasonable price. We use them to ship hazardous materials, perishable items, general commodities, medical supplies and more. They meet all of our needs with a broad range of services, including LTL, hot shot, flat beds and more and send us a detailed status report every day.
On one occasion, a customer requested that we use a specific carrier and that carrier made a mistake. We were able to call ATTS and they saved the day. ATTS knows how to quickly address problems and come through with the delivery.
We have worked with them for 12 years and their customer service stands out compared to other companies. They do their best, every time.
Rich C.
Operations Manager