Flexible Truckload Services

Flexible-Truckload-ATTS LogisticWhen dedicated is best, our highly experienced shipping specialists work with thousands of companies to identify the best carrier for your shipment. Whether you need spot shipments or moves in regular lanes, we can work with you. If you need a truck today, we can do that. ATTS meets your needs with highly flexible services.

Our network is continuously updated using only well qualified carriers for our customers. We are experts at matching the load requirements to the appropriate equipment and carrier. We are in contact with our dispatchers or owner/operators throughout each shipment from pick-up through delivery.

Thorough Vetting, No Worries

Excellent service also comes with understanding that quality carriers are handling your shipments, especially with today’s licensing and safety concerns. We closely monitor carriers to eliminate that concern.

ATTS Logistics uses a formal screening process when adding a carrier to our network. Each carrier used by ATTS meets or exceeds our standards for safety and reliability. Our screening tools include: operation authority, insurance, safety ratings and business viability. All carriers are required to complete a carrier packet, which includes a carrier contract. Once added to our network they are continuously monitored for their performance, safety, and reliability. In addition to our internal procedures, ATTS uses a carrier monitoring service to track key areas and report to us on a daily basis.